Katy Perry thinks this 'Idol' contestant is 'the male Beyoncé'

On Monday, 10 more American Idol Season 17 semifinalists teamed with celebrities for all-star duets in front of a live audience, with mixed results. Some contestants struggled, understandably intimidated to share a stage with the likes of Julia Michaels or Cynthia Erivio. But others rose to the occasion. And no one rose higher than Dimitrius Graham -- whose exquisite, elastic voice on his “Love Someone” duet with Lukas Graham actually had stunned judge Katy Perry declaring him “the ‘male Beyoncé.” The two Grahams may have seemed from different worlds -- Dimitrius raised on the mean streets of Baltimore, Lukas a Grammy-nominated pop singer from Denmark -- but they bonded during rehearsals, and their fast friendship translated to the stage. Lukas was a generous partner, allowing Dimitrius to truly shine by handing him all the big power notes. And Dimitrius – who actually sang some opera last week -- was up for the challenge. “That’s how it’s done right there. … You’re one of the best singers I’ve ever heard,” raved judge Luke Bryan. Katy proclaimed, “I’m going to go so far as to say that was the best-sounding duet I have heard today.” And Lionel Richie called this duet “fabulous” and “perfectly executed.” Dimitrius hasn’t received as much screentime as some other contestants this season, but with this performance he set himself apart. A proud Lukas attested that Dimitrius has enough to go all the way, and the judges seemed to agree. But Monday featured fantastic performances from several other formidable contenders, which you can check out below. (And don’t adjust your computer screen; Monday marked regular host Ryan Seacrest’s first “sick day” in the history of the series, so Idol mentor and Seacrest doppelganger Bobby Bones filled in.)