Little girl follows pony's lead in overcoming one of life's obstacles

Having been riding horses since the day she was born, it’s no surprise that little Verity knows very well how to handle her pony, Noodle. Mum Caroline Seignot-Griffiths caught the pair of them perfectly in step in this cute video. Verity can be seen leading Noodle to a little jump for it to trot over. But Noodle, instead, partly knocks it over. Either inspired by her pal, or not wanting it to feel too bad, Verity does the same, before triumphantly stepping over the jump and summoning Noodle to follow. Seignot-Griffiths said Noodle had been a part of her team of therapy horses for nine years. “Super Noodles means the world to me,” she said. "And I’m so grateful that [Verity] seems born with my same love of animals and has a natural affinity working around them. " Credit: Caroline Seignot-Griffiths via Storyful