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    ?Trevor Bauer refused to speak to the media on Saturday after his final spring training start before the regular season. Cleveland Indians writer, Paul Hoynes, speculated that Bauer's silence was a result of hearing that Corey Kluber was named the Opening Day starter by the Indians.?

    ??After a stellar 2018 campaign, Bauer is likely upset that his work is being overshadowed by two-time Cy-Young award winner,??Corey Kluber. Although Bauer's season was spectacular, ending the year with a 2.21 ERA, Kluber's wasn't far off...at least not far enough for him to be replaced as the ace.?

    ?The Indians'?pitching staff has gradually formed into one of the best in the league, after molding around Kluber, who has been extremely dominant since 2014. However,?Bauer's emergence as a top-tier pitcher last season, pushed their rotation over the top. The UCLA alum still has a lot to prove, despite his All-Star level performance last season,?if he hopes to be considered the same tier or better than the perennial Cy-Young award contender, Corey Kluber.?

    Both Kluber and Bauer's?incredible accomplishments and talents should be noted, but for now Bauer has got to keep his head down and continue to deal if he wants to silence the doubters.?

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    General view of the Olympic Stadium with a baseball in the snow before a spring training game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Toronto Blue Jays.

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